WEB Du Bois’ Forgotten Romance Novel

After my father passed away, I did not write for two years. Even reading novels no longer interests me. But when a friend mentioned WEB Du Bois Princess of Darkness, a romance novel published in 1928, I was curious. The novel was underrated and ignored by critics. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to her. … Read more

Cloth Book Cover: I Turned 70 in 2041, A Pacificafuturist Novel, A Conversation with Gavin Bishop, and More

Gavin Bishop. Photo / Martin Hunter wrote in the review The Collections, by Patricia Donovan (Mary Egan Publishing, $35)Reviewed by Greg Fleming Christchurch-based Patricia Donovan is a prolific new talent. She published three novels in the span of two years – and it sounds exhilarating In switching genres and time zones. Her debut, The Remarkable … Read more