Wheeling Away, a book by Hasitha Illa and Saakshi Singla, urges children to understand disability – Edexlive

When someone turns their disability into their strength, they can achieve a lot and that’s exactly what this first author did. Hasitha Illa suffers from a neurological condition Friedreich’s ataxia (which mainly affects nerves and muscles resulting in loss of control of body movements) and has turned her condition into her greatest strength. As she … Read more

Read an excerpt from Debbie Macomber’s latest romantic getaway

chapter one 1977 “Hey man, sorry I’m late,” said Hank, sliding into the red upholstered booth at Mom’s Place opposite his best friend. He jogged for less than five hours of sleep, and his day was just beginning. “Did I make you wait too long?” “No, I’m late myself.” Pete was always the immediate one. … Read more

Read a fake copy of my own book

aAlthough I’m not proud of itAs an author, I often participate in masochistic rituals to check my rankings and reviews on Amazon. So back in the spring, shortly after my last book came out, I wrote “Puzzles” by AJ Jacobs in the Amazon search bar and press “Enter”. My book came, of course. But to … Read more

Why is the Nobel Prize in Literature so controversial?

awards ceremony with actors slap each other Embarrassing winners on stage and host obfuscate…and then the Nobel Prizes, very serious and rather pompous ceremonies that, in our opinion, are a far cry from the drama of a chemistry lab. However, one of the Nobel Prizes has proven to be endlessly controversial: the Nobel Prize in … Read more