Six books a music lover should read

Music, of all art forms, is uniquely connected to memory. It’s woven into the fabric of everyday life: Think of the mixtape you made for your first crush, the pop star whose posters were plastered in your teenage bedroom, the album that got you through your divorce, and the jam band that followed their cross-country … Read more

Ken Sanders Rare Books adds children’s reading room space at The Leonardo

After decades working in the book business in Utah — first with counterculture icon Cosmic Airplane, and now with his rare book Rare Books by Ken Sanders — Ken Sanders said he had never before had a children’s reading space in one of his stores. So far, that is. As he is in the process … Read more

Six books with introductions worth stopping

In his excellent preface to Edith Wharton’s preface Novel writingAuthor and critic Brandon Taylor makes an observation that bears repetition: literature from the past may contain ancient worlds and ideas, but we can and must deal with them. Wharton’s work, for example, continues to provide “some amazing revelations about the way we live and write … Read more

We asked Berkshire Eagle employees what the best book they’ve read this summer – here are 14 suggested books | Wrote

We recently asked the employees of The Berkshire Eagle to share the best book they’ve read this summer – there were no prerequisites, other than reading it during the summer and it was their favorite. The book doesn’t have to be new, on the bestseller list or of a certain genre. The following list is … Read more

Booksellers on the future of regionals

Like their publishing counterparts, most booksellers call PW We’re excited that nearly all of the fall’s regional conferences and trade fairs will be taking place in person, some for the first time since 2019. “After these past two years, what we’ve been longing for is seeing fellow booksellers and camaraderie with fellow book-obsessed,” says Matt … Read more

A retired teacher in the middle of the North Coast provides books and helps establish new educational practices in Bhutan

Bhutanese Barb Roberts was first captured by Bhutan in 2015 while traveling through the small country in the eastern hills of the Himalayas. At the end of her tour, one of the guides made a comment that struck a chord. “He said, ‘We really like it when the tourists come back and do some volunteer … Read more

Do men or women buy more books for their children?: Poll

Kids love big books and they can’t lie! A survey conducted by OnePoll for ThriftBooks found that both parents and children enjoy reading. In the research, 2,000 parents with young school-aged children were asked about their reading habits. Half of the parents note that they buy books for their children one to several times a … Read more

Cloth Book Cover: I Turned 70 in 2041, A Pacificafuturist Novel, A Conversation with Gavin Bishop, and More

Gavin Bishop. Photo / Martin Hunter wrote in the review The Collections, by Patricia Donovan (Mary Egan Publishing, $35)Reviewed by Greg Fleming Christchurch-based Patricia Donovan is a prolific new talent. She published three novels in the span of two years – and it sounds exhilarating In switching genres and time zones. Her debut, The Remarkable … Read more

10 great novels that will make you more passionate about science

Many of the world’s greatest scientists were inspired to enter their fields by reading science fiction books. It’s easy to see why. Many of the best science fiction novels feature scientists who solve problems and make breakthroughs. Here are 10 great novels that will inspire a new love for science. Above: Carl Sagan’s painting by … Read more