The Children’s Book Fair and Fall Garden Fair are back in full force this weekend | Evening Summary

The 35th annual Children’s Book Fair and the 61st Fall Garden Fair return in full for the first time this weekend, after two years of mini- or lapsed festivities due to the pandemic. The weekend kicks off with the Fall Garden Fair, a counterpart to the Spring Fair and Chicago’s oldest community garden sale. It … Read more

Sterling Lord, unique enduring literary agent, dies at 102

New York – Sterling Lord is a uniquely enduring literary agent who spent years looking for a publisher for Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and spent the next few decades working on everything from True Crime. Writer Joe McGinnis to all of the creators of Berenstein Bear who arranged the deal, he has died. He … Read more

Five science-based parenting books you should add to your library

It’s worth noting that there are no independent brick-and-mortar stores other than parenting books. Amazon lists over 110,000 books, and they fall into that unique category of books, and buying one or five doesn’t stop you from buying another dozen. The experience of parenting is so overwhelming for everyone, yet so unique and unique that … Read more