Neighbors called police when little black girl sprayed lanterns, exposing a deeper problem, mom says

CNN — A young girl’s fascination with the spotted lanternfly forces a community in northern New Jersey to grapple with racist ideas and what happens when police get a call from a black child. Nearly a month after a neighbor called the police to report the death of 9-year-old Bobbi Wilson, her mother, Monique Joseph, … Read more

Illinois high school teacher fired after yelling racial slur at black student over classmates documenting incident

CNN — The Kankakee School Board unanimously voted Monday to terminate first-grade math teacher John Donovan after several students recorded him calling a black student the n-word, sparking outrage among students and families in the Illinois school district . On October 20, a video of the incident secretly recorded by multiple students in the class … Read more

Watch the trial of Derek Chauvin writes a book to help children deal with trauma

CNN – Darnella Frazier would never have recorded the video of George Floyd’s death, which helped convict Derek Chauvin, had she said no to her cousin’s request to go to the store. Her cousin, 9-year-old Judea Reynolds, wanted to buy candy but she was too young to walk alone. Reynolds persevered, and Frazier finally agreed … Read more