The 2022 NYLA Annual Conference and Trade Show featured Weldon L. Haywood, the third book in its series

Weldon L. Haywood’s third book in the “Sham & Shel” series reveals a captivating story of eternal love. San Diego, California – WebWire – Thursday, November 24, 2022 Read about the adventures of Sham and Shel on their quest to build their new farm. Old Western fantasy “Sham & Shel Book 3: The Slash Double … Read more

“Mismatched”: stories of youth and love

Misfitthe popular Netflix series, is a young adult rom-com loosely based on the plot of the Sandhya Menon book, When Dimple Met Richie (Simon Balls, 2017). While the series is reminiscent of a script that traces the lives of nearly identical characters, it does offer a fair share of improvisations, and the result is that … Read more

The Great Imagination of Ninochka Ruska

Stories of a Bitter Country is the title of Ninochka Ruska’s collection of short stories published by Anvil. This book is an occasion to celebrate, as it brings together all the published stories of the famous Filipino writer. The first part of the book contains stories from Bitter Country, first published by Malaya Books in … Read more

Joan Silber on the secret of the body

In your story for this week, “Evolution,” a teen named Kara runs from New York to Arizona with her older boyfriend, Brody, in 1980, experiencing liberation and disappointment with her newfound sexual freedom. Reflecting on the events of the story, the older Kara says that “people believe in sex in a way that they don’t … Read more