Joan Silber on the secret of the body

In your story for this week, “Evolution,” a teen named Kara runs from New York to Arizona with her older boyfriend, Brody, in 1980, experiencing liberation and disappointment with her newfound sexual freedom. Reflecting on the events of the story, the older Kara says that “people believe in sex in a way that they don’t … Read more

Q&A with Margie Prius

Newbery Honor winner Margi Preus writes books inspired by her love of the outdoors, her family, and the stories they share. windBryce’s latest middle-class fantasy novel, a whirlwind adventure featuring trolls, magic, kidnapping winds, and a determined group of “young men” on a mission to save their siblings. We spoke with Breus about caring about … Read more

Q&A with Catherine Arden

Small Spaces, The Catherine Arden Quartet of Middle Class Horror, Coming to an End Empty smileswhich presents the final frightening confrontation between Olly, Coco, Brian and the Smiling Man. PW She spoke with Arden about the importance of honoring the emotional impact of her characters’ terrifying experiences, her favorite seasons to write about, and why … Read more