Joan Silber on the secret of the body

In your story for this week, “Evolution,” a teen named Kara runs from New York to Arizona with her older boyfriend, Brody, in 1980, experiencing liberation and disappointment with her newfound sexual freedom. Reflecting on the events of the story, the older Kara says that “people believe in sex in a way that they don’t … Read more

It is not easy to tell children about death. But the stories we spin can help light up the darkness

When we think about how we are remembered after death, it may seem that simple words and basic descriptions don’t do us justice. But for terminally ill parents who are on their deathbed, sometimes clear language is best. “My father was an artist. He painted the world he saw. People loved his drawings.” Otherwise, how … Read more

Flash fiction: interface revamp that’s going well

This is the seventh story in the Flash Fiction series online this summer. You can read the entire series, and Flash Fiction stories from previous years, here. Between the outer wall and the Sheetrock, a waterproofing layer was missing. The builders, in their defence, said the class had simply been forgotten, not left out in … Read more

Support Salman Rushdie, read him

Salman Rushdie was stabbed multiple times yesterday at the Chautauqua Institute in Western New York. He is on a ventilator. He has wounds to his neck, stomach and liver; a nerve has been severed in one of his arms; and, according to his literary agent Andrew Wiley, he may lose an eye. This unique symbol … Read more