Sterling Lord, unique enduring literary agent, dies at 102

New York – Sterling Lord is a uniquely enduring literary agent who spent years looking for a publisher for Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and spent the next few decades working on everything from True Crime. Writer Joe McGinnis to all of the creators of Berenstein Bear who arranged the deal, he has died. He … Read more

John Carpenter is still scary

“Sir, please put down the phone, please,” Jordan Peele tweet Last July, a fan suggested he might already be the best horror director of all time. “I love your enthusiasm,” Peele added, but “I will not tolerate any slander of John Carpenter!!!” Carpenter’s case as the greatest living American genre filmmaker must have stood, Whether … Read more

The Secret Art of Satire by Mike Judge

“Beavis and Butt-Head” premiered on MTV on March 8, 1993. The show’s protagonists — two rude, immature, violent, terribly cute, very American teens — have little else on the screen. Each episode involves the couple hanging out in their small Texas town, indulging in petty vandalism and silly conversation. In between these adventures, they watch … Read more