7 Books You Should Read Right Now, According to TikTok

If you’ve walked into a bookstore in the past few years, you’ll notice the signs/stickers that say, “TikTok Made Me Buy it.” number? Here’s an example from an online retailer – this is the kind of metadata some publishers add on Amazon UK. Mentioning TikTok in the book title helps authors appear in TikTok related … Read more

Laure Jeslason: Writing Goopy Horror in a Neurological World

As writers, we are often reminded by self-help motivation experts to “just write,” but what happens if your sensory pelvis fills up to the limit and you go to complete exhaustion? The idea of ​​putting pen to paper can be more terrifying than the story you’re trying to tell. Of course, this is not the … Read more

8 Deadly True Crime Books For ‘Cold Blood’ Fans

Truman Capote was born on September 30, 1924 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His career as a writer seems to have been something of fate, as he taught himself to read and write at an early age. He started writing short stories before moving on to novels, plays and screenplays. It can be said that the … Read more