The 7 Best Science Photography Books to Put on Your Coffee Table in 2022

Whether you’re an aspiring wildlife photographer or shopping for a gift for a friend who has it all, these beautifully illustrated books look perfect on a coffee table or lab bench — and they’re great reads too .

Each features full-color, glossy images that showcase professionally captured weather phenomena, 3D depictions of cosmic clouds, magnificent birds of prey, and even the macroscopic world of fungi. In other words, these books keep your guests entertained (with the help of science) while making the perfect tea.

This list is our pick of the best photography books for your coffee table, but for more great books to add to your reading list, check out our list of the best science books or our list of the best science books for kids. Or, if you’re keen to take your own photos, check out our favorite instant cameras from iconic brands like Polaroid and Fujifilm.

The Best Science Photography Books for Your Coffee Table

Portraits of trees: Celebrating favourite trees from across the UK

Adrian Houston

This devotion to English trees is a favourite of the likes of Joanna Lumley, Ellen Titchmarsh and George McGavin. Photographer Adrian Houston asked celebrities to answer this question: Which tree is your favorite?

Inspired by their answers Portrait of a tree. The stunning images celebrate trees from all over the UK – the sweet-smelling magnolias in Regent’s Park, the endangered giant redwoods at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, and the ancient bark of the yew trees in the West Country.

Houston’s book asks us to consider our own experiences in nature and re-appreciate the enduring power of these 370-million-year-old plants.

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