The most popular and bestselling books in San Antonio as of October 2022

There is nothing better than a good book. It is an opportunity to escape, to enter another world, or to journey into the past. San Antonio is like all the other readers. Sometimes they read for entertainment, other times they want to see themselves in the stories. Either way, they are always reading.

Take a look at some of the bestsellers and most read books in local stores and bookstores.

shameless woman

Sandra Cisneros’ first poetry collection in 28 years. shameless woman It is described as “honest, frank and often humorous meditations on memory, desire, and the essential nature of love making a path toward self-awareness.”

Mexican-American civil rights pioneer

Alonso S. Perales was one of the most influential Mexican Americans of the 20th century, but has been largely forgotten. Cynthia E. Orozco wrote Perales’ first autobiography, reviving his career as an American lawyer, civil rights activist, author, and diplomat, who created the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC.

Mexican-American Civil Rights in Texas

Inspired by the 1968 US Civil Rights Commission hearing in San Antonio, the book examines the social change of Mexican Americans in Texas over the past 50 years. Using 1,502 pages of testimony from the hearing, “This book adds an evidence-based examination of racial and ethnic disparities and changes over the past half century.” Edited by Robert Prischetto and J. Richard Avena.

San Antonio Central Public Library shared some of October’s most-read books.

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