The SDGs Book Club releases a new reading list

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16 is the focus of the new Children’s Reading List released by the Sustainable Development Goals Book Club.

Two of the books on the reading list in Chinese for children aged 6 to 12 from SDG Book Club’s Goal for Sustainable Development 16: “Peace, justice and strong institutions”. Photo: IPA

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To offer hope for the future

TThe progress of the SDGs Book Club, as you will recall, was an understandable focus of pride rightly noted in March at the trade fair and the most influential book fair for young readers in the world, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

A collaborative effort between the International Publishers Association (IPA) and the United Nations Division of Communication, the program was announced during United Nations Week in New York City in 2018 and released the First Reading List in Bologna Elena Pasoli the following April, in 2019.

The program has released successive reading lists for students, each list based on one of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That first list in 2019 in Bologna, for example, focused on Goal 1, with children’s literature responding to the global organization’s goal of “eradicating poverty in all its forms everywhere.”

Under the guidance of the United Nations Publications Group and the IPA team in its offices in Geneva, the book club – from its inception under the chairmanship of Michel Coleman and through the subsequent departments of Hugo Setzer and Badour Al Qassimi – has been working its way through the SDGs with new book lists and teaching guides.

Peace, justice and strong institutions

Two of the books on the Arabic reading list for children aged 6 to 12 from SDGs Book Club’s Goal 16 for Sustainable Development: “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.” Photo: IPA

The news of the day (August 24) is that SDG 16 now has a book list for young people aged 6-12, and Number 16 is the book that for many has new relevance and importance: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. With the ambitious phrase, “to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies,” Goal Sixteen carries special weight in a world recently ravaged by war, exhausted by right-wing strife, and required for far too long to protect, restore and rebuild democratic institutions. Harmed by tyrannical bullies.

“Conflict, insecurity, weak institutions and limited access to justice remain a major threat to sustainable development,” the original UN discussion on this goal stated, in what in just a few years has become an understated reality.

As the IPA’s declaration goes to international publisher associations, “By analyzing concepts such as global conflict, peace, equality, and civil rights, the books on the reading list highlight some of the answers and provide hope for the future. Ultimately, they aim to inspire young people to advocate for peace in their communities.” local”.

and as Publication Views Readers know that new language clubs have joined the program while it runs, notably one of the branches of the SDG African Book Club which has an anthology in Arabic and Swahili, and a chapter in Portuguese.

As always, the basic lists are presented in the UN languages:

Here are some books that respond to the seventeenth and final goal, which demonstrates the importance of international partnerships and cooperation – to the success of the SDG agenda.

A teacher leads an Algerian school group through the Assai de Hamma park. Arabic and French are two of the languages ​​of the Sustainable Development Goals Book Club. Image – Getty Images iStockphoto: Runoman

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