The Top 10 Best Comedies and Graphic Novels Winning Ringo Award in 2022

For comic book fans who may not be in the know, the Ringo Awards are annual awards given to comics creators, artists, or series for their achievements. Named after legendary creator Mike Wiringo, the awards were handed out during Baltimore Comic Con on October 29, 2022.

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Among the Ringo Award winners are various talents, some of whom are recognized creators and beloved communicators of fan-favorite series. Others were newcomers, with their creative skills now recognized as game-changers in the future. Above all, each winner had a story that any comics fan should check out and enjoy.

10/10 Layla Star’s many deaths are a classic mystery fantasy

best artist

in The death of a lot of Layla Star Written by acclaimed writer Ram V and painter Felipe Andrade, humanity is on the verge of discovering the secrets of eternal life and the deception of death. This results in the personification of the prison of death in the form of a young woman as punishment. Now, wishing to get rid of her curse, she tries to find a way to stop humanity before it reaches immortality.

Similar to other classics like hypnotic And the HellblazerAnd the many deaths Full of mature themes such as reincarnation, the afterlife, and humanity’s desire to play the role of God. Additionally, the Middle Eastern aesthetic that dominates both art and storytelling makes this reading to die for.

9/10 DC Pride celebrates the Louie side of the capital

Top Picks

In the past several decades, mainstream comics have gotten better in terms of diversity and inclusion. In DC Comics, even major characters like Tim Drake (Robin) and John Kent (Superman) appeared and started dating other gay people. However, DC’s biggest achievement in this field is the anthology series DC Pride.

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Likes Marvel soundsAnd the DC Pride Focuses on DC’s biggest icons in the queer community, whether it’s their famous characters or behind-the-scenes writers and artists. This anthology is a true celebration of inclusivity that any superhero fan can enjoy.

8/10 Not all robots are dark sci-fi comedy

Best comic comic

In the not-too-distant future, machines and humans coexist together, with each household featuring its own robotic companion. The story centers on the mistrust brewing between humans and machines, though, as illustrated by the Walters family, who believe their robot is plotting something diabolical in their garage.

Written by Mark Russell and illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr., Not all robots It is a dark comedy full of surreal jokes as well as heavy themes. Exploring ideas about artificial intelligence, masculinity, and what it means to be human, this dystopian series will make readers laugh, cry and even think (hopefully, before robots come to them).

7/10 Horror Clinic is a horrific medical melodrama

Favorite new series

In the fictional capital, a strange disease spreads that infects people with random, incurable symptoms. However, there is a small clinic with a strange medical team trying to find treatments and get paid at the same time.

black comedy horror clinic Written by Webtoon creators, Merryweather and PokuriMio blend the aesthetic of the manga with the drama of a medical series and the nightmarish imagery that plagues horror movies. It is a really chilling series for people who are afraid of monsters and needles and in the present day.

6/10 Sarah’s Autobiographical Scribble is a slice of humor at its best

Best Web Comic Humor

For readers who prefer more realistic and relatable comedy, writer/artist Sarah Andersen Sarah’s scribbles Perfect series. Web comic follows Sarah’s semi-selfie as she tries to become a full-fledged adult with almost no training.

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Sarah’s scribbles It is a real treat for comics fans, especially for Generation Zers who are still working their way into adulthood. Addressing topics such as social anxiety, responsibility, and finding unexpected maturity, the series is filled with hilarious antics and empathetic life lessons for all readers.

5/10 Sookie is alone exploring the fan-favorite ATLA hero

Best Comic/Graphic Novel for Children

Remember the children of the twenty-first century Avatar: Another Airbender For her groundbreaking visuals and lovable characters. However, the leading comedic adaptations are less well known. Almost a perfect continuation of the animated series, it expands on some stories while filling in the gaps for others and explores the lives of the secondary characters from the show.

Suki was the fan favorite Kiyoshi fighter in the series, and managed to secure her own adventure titled Suki: Alone Written by writer Faith Erin Hicks and artists Adele Matera and Peter Wartman. During her time imprisoned by the Fire Nation, she looks to the frightened inmates for help while also dealing with her own fears and doubts. This one-shot is well worth a read, it stays true to the original story and introduces new fans to an unforgettable hero.

4/10 Lore Olympus fuses classic mythology with modern drama

Best Webcomic

A loose adaptation of classic Greek mythology by author and artist Rachel Smith, Lower Olympus It follows Persephone, a young goddess who lives on Earth. However, she was accepted into a prestigious school on Olympus. Here, she met Hades, the cold ruler of the underworld, and the two eventually fell in love with each other.

Already one of the biggest webtoons chains, Lower Olympus It still attracts new viewers with its mixture of Greek mythology and dramatic drama. The legendary melodrama continues, with plenty of mysteries to solve, and still offers more for fans to discover.

3/10 Jonna and the Impossible Monsters is a family friendly adventure

Mike Weringo Spirit Award

Welcome to a world where giant beasts have become the dominant species on Earth, leaving behind a wasteland. The series follows two sisters, flat-headed rainbow and wild baby Johnny, as they search for their missing father.

An adventure for all ages by married couple Chris and Laura Samny, the series has something for everyone. From fighting monsters to lovable characters, the series focuses on true family episodes of a story that children and adults can find both charming and entertaining.

2/10 Something that kills children combines work and horror

Best Writer, Best Series, Best Number or Story

Something is moving in the small town of Archer Peak. At night, the children disappear, and the survivors whisper tales of mysterious monsters. The only person willing to fight for these frightened children is Erica Slaughter, a mysterious monster hunter with unknown ties to creatures.

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Written by former Batman writer James Tynion IV,Something is killing children It brings the world of ordinary life into the hideous world of horror. Werther Dell’Edera’s artwork immerses the book in gothic and unnatural visuals that will help any lover of things who stumble into the night have a wickedly good time.

1/10 Did you hear what Eddie Jane did? Explores the mind of a true villain

Best Non-Fiction Comedy, Best Design Presentation, and Best Original Graphic Novel

Drama, crime, and horror fans have always been drawn to serial killer documentaries and learning the history of real-life villains. Did you hear what Eddie Jane did? Written by Harold Schechter and Eric Powell chronicling the origins of real-life killer Ed Gein.

The graphic novel details the story of young Eddie, following the journey that would create the villain responsible for inspiring movie villains such as Norman Bates and Leatherface.Did you hear…? It is a sad and compelling story filled with great artwork that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

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