Top 10 Romantic Book Series Similar to ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

June 2022 saw the release The summer you turned beautifulTV show adapted from Jenny Han Series on Amazon Prime. The series gained so much popularity that it rose to #1 on Prime in just a few days. In fact, it was also renewed for season 2 prior to its first release. But while the second season of the films, it can be daunting, you can return to independent work now that you have a taste of the series.

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When the book ends, it’s devastating to realize that your toe-toe love story is over and you’ll have to start over, which is exactly why the romance book series is written. And while not all series may be a continuation of the first book, it’s refreshing to see glimpses of our favorite ships in the sequels that follow.

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“Love Cliches” by Emma St. Clair

Sam Walsh, aka Dr.Love, runs a column on relationship advice. While she started in college, she continued to follow and is now on her way to writing a book. To keep Dr. Love’s column interesting, her best friend and assistant Taylor sometimes write fake stories for Sam. But while they all promise to give Sam a love story before she finally publishes her book, they don’t know that life leads them beyond happiness.

Filled with quirky characters, clever banter and hilarious moments, love clips by Emma St. Clair It will make you feel comfortable. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the last epilogue of the last book, Falling in love with your enemyFor a conclusion that will warm your hearts.

“Off Campus” by Eli Kennedy

Do you like sports or romance? Or both are better than that? Because if you do, you’re on tour. The off campus The series follows four hockey teammates, who coincidentally are also roommates, as they navigate their last two years of college. These hockey players attend the fictional Ivy-League Briar College. During this time, they experience the ups and downs of life, fall in love and fall out of love. All four books are told from a double perspective and are suitable for slightly older readers.

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While the books can be read as stand-alone novels, reading them in the exact order makes the experience more enjoyable.

“After” by Anna Todd

If you haven’t heard of it before after, afterIt might be better to watch movies. However, if you know a lot about after, afterYou’re probably ready to go the rabbit hole of his book series and even trap the internet into Wattpad. after, after It follows Tessa Young, a recent high school graduate, whose confrontation with the complex rebel Hardin Scott is about to turn her life upside down.

Anna would like I started writing after, after As a fan of One Direction, Tessa falls in love with a villain Harry Stiles. In 2014, the book reached over a billion reads and became a five-book series that is now a major movie.

“Lovely Bastard” by Christina Lauren

Little Christina LaurenMost underrated books, the beautiful bastard A series, traversing a group of young men and women trying to find their other beauty through the twists, turns, and occasional blunders that leave their relationship hanging by a thread. The series is an oxymoron, and the title does justice to that.

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The series is hot and aggravating, making you weak in the knees for a minute and forcing you to throw your book in the other room. However, while the book falls into the contemporary literary genre, it can be an interesting read for the romantic reader.

‘Friend Zone’ by Abby Jimenez

Who doesn’t love a rom-com that makes you stumble with laughter? And it will only get better if one of the main characters is a lively friend. Abby Jimenez It brings exactly that to all of its readers in the form of friend zone series. In the beginning, Jimenez addresses issues that are difficult to discuss. While books sometimes go from romance to social discussion areas, they’re helpful enough to make you laugh for a second and grab the other handkerchiefs.

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A beautiful tale to learn to accept the love you deserve and to find a path to self-acceptance, friend zone It will make you faint.

“The Romance Book Club” by Lisa Kay Adams

Everyone loves an angry alpha male who is only kind to you. But no one is talking about what will happen after the final chapter. The epilogue gives you one happy fainting scene, but what about the rest? Do they live without a fight for the rest of their lives? Nice way to live from where I stand. But this series solves the problem.

The bromance book club The series follows four alpha males from Nashville determined to save their relationships with their wives, and accept a role in a hilarious and gruesome plan: reading romance books to find out what women want.

“The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Huang

Have you ever loved an author for how strong he is at pursuing topics that society otherwise ignores? If so, then this entry is for you. Helen Huang He brings the topic of autism and its implications for patients and their families in the form of three excellent romantic comedies in get a kiss series.

The series follows three autistic people in different scenarios as they find love in the most unexpected places. The books feature women in STEM and are about the men of the Van family, as they learn to fall in love, even though they think they don’t deserve it.

“Love and Gelato” by Gina Evans Welch

What’s better than love and food? Both! and the Love and Gelato series by Jenna Evans Welch He mixes them in such a perfect proportion that it is impossible to resist. Love and Gelato You follow three girls as they travel to new cities on different missions and end up falling in love with soulmates and food.

Welch throws books into delicious places (pun intended) while spotting amazing vultures you’ll want to yearn to fall in love with. As the title suggests, Love and Gelato It’s an absolutely sweet summer treat.

“Crooked” by Anna Huang

No matter how we act with those around us, we all have a primal bodily part of ourselves that wants something we can’t have. Something out of our league, even forbidden. Although it may not be wise to pursue these things, it is fun to live the imagination Anna Huang‘s crooked series.

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After four friends, Ava, Bridget, Jules and Stella, crooked A series of books about alpha men who would do anything for the women they love. And did I mention that two of them are billionaires? Even better, all men are morally gray, so there is no untouched fantasy.

“Inheritance Games” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Avery Grambs has a plan for everything. Finish high school, get a scholarship, buy a one-way ticket, and never come back. But all her dreams fade when billionaire Tobias Hawthorne dies, and she inherits his fortune. Important: she does not even know who he is. As he moves into his mansion, she realizes that this mystery won’t be easy to solve when his grandsons, Jameson and Grayson, who were supposed to inherit billions, plan to take her down.

last part of inheritance gamesAnd the Final maneuverIt was released on August 30, 2022, and received excellent reviews.

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