Tosa homebrewer and UWM professors are reviving ancient beer recipes

Beer has stood the test of time as one of the world’s most popular social lubricants

However, much of the history of the drink, and the corresponding history of the cultures associated with it, is often overlooked.

To address this gap, a UW-Milwaukee professor and a Wauwatosa home brewer have teamed up over the past three years to restore old recipes and spark interest in the underlying history of Milwaukee’s favorite drink.

“The end game is to use beer as a bribe for people who might think history is really boring to use it as a weird subversive way to explore things they might not be interested in,” said UWM professor of archaeology and co-brewer Bettina Arnold.

Old wine and new friendship

Tosa resident Jeff Enders is an avid home brewer who alternates between hobbyist and professional. He says his love for brewing stems from a desire to enjoy history through the drink.

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