Upcoming Science Book Reveals ‘Adam and Eve’ May Exist.

Nathan H. Lenz

Scientists, even religious scientists, spend little time analyzing religious creation myths. After all, these stories are often in direct conflict with what we know about Earth’s natural history, literally. Science is left behind when belief demands that people adhere to these myths no matter what. It’s hard to think of a biblical story that is more contrary to physical evidence than the Garden of Eden.

Still, and perhaps because of this, a prominent public scholar—physician and genome scientist Joshua Swamidas of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri—is making a bold new attempt to combine the biblical Adam and the Eve’s story is in harmony with ours. Learn about the genetic lineage of humans. His “Genealogy Hypothesis” comes at a time of cultural upheaval, where facts are malleable, politics distorts science, and the gulf between our red and blue tribes is reminiscent of another biblical myth: the separation of the Red Sea.

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