Virtual Science launches a tool with innovative features based on AI, dedicated to the advisory missions of major players in the healthcare sector. This tool will allow to generate at the level of companies in the life science sector

  • The platform’s enterprise-ready capabilities enable comprehensive collection of advisory board data from multiple companies, countries and stakeholders. As a result, new perspectives can be identified and implemented more efficiently and effectively.
  • Virtual Science’s medical-grade AI capabilities provide actionable qualitative and quantitative insights and analytics on interactive advisory board activities.
  • The use of AI eliminates the need to write expensive and time-consuming doctor’s letters.
  • This scalable platform adapts to the business and is designed to empower international and local teams. This allows thousands of colleagues in companies to quickly share their knowledge and take action to enable faster patient treatment.

LONDON, March 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Headquartered in London with offices in Europe and North America, Virtual Science develops cutting-edge software as a service (SaaS) for the life sciences and healthcare industries.

Tom Hughes, Virtual Science CEO, highlights the benefits of the AI ​​platform in the following points:

“We developed a revolutionary approach to advisory board processes to help companies make faster decisions at scale so patients who need it can benefit from their treatments. This process can be applied continuously, and our medical AI platform replaces the need to rely on complex medical texts for advisory board reporting. »

“This is a very exciting time for Virtual Science as we partner with leading pharmaceutical companies around the world. Executives see this approach as a smart way to accelerate organizational decision-making and stay one step ahead of the competition. »

Chih Han Chen, Virtual Science’s Chief Technology Officer and longtime expert in the field of AI added:

“We built our AI platform with a medical lens to comprehensively capture and analyze the interactions between key healthcare stakeholders. This is the first time this technology has been used as part of a scientific advisory board, enabling more informed and faster decision-making across the enterprise. »

Collecting the views of healthcare stakeholders is often time-consuming and requires extensive thought and consultation. However, Virtual Science strives to support industrial customers to improve the process and ensure a more transparent and faster process without compromising the quality of the decision or the result.

These solutions enable life science teams to have compliant interactions with healthcare professionals, patient communities, and decision makers in a virtual environment that enhances strategic decision making.

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About virtual science

Virtual Science is a global provider of interaction services with key external players in the pharmaceutical field, such as advisory boards. The company leverages its virtual platform and AI models to effectively improve stakeholder engagement in research and development, medical affairs, public affairs, pricing and access, and with commercial companies in the life sciences and healthcare space.

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