We are entering a golden age of diversity in storytelling – with fantasy and graphic genre novels leading the way.

CS Pacat is fast becoming one of Australia’s bestselling authors, and they do it by following one very simple formula.

Just write what you want Wants to see.

As an eccentric teenager, Pakat never saw himself reflected in anything he read. Or watch it in movies and TV. Or anywhere else for that reason.

“If there’s nothing that reflects you in the broader culture, you feel like you’re wrong, or you just don’t fit,” Bakat told ABC RN’s Big Weekend of Books.

“[There’s] The idea that monsters and vampires can’t see their own reflection.

“Not being able to see yourself makes you feel like a monster.”

Which is ironic, because the fantastical fantasy world of monsters and magic is where Bakat found his home. Or rather where they built their home.


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