“What luck!” Resilience is the subject of a retired Miami teacher’s book for children

Gently written by Anita Meyer Meinbach and David Meinbach, this book for children ages 4 to 8 illustrated by Nancy Simmons Seca.

Gently written by Anita Meyer Meinbach and David Meinbach, this book for children ages 4 to 8 illustrated by Nancy Simmons Seca.

We all need to find resilience, determination, and courage in our lives.

Sometimes, we may use good luck charms. “Kenny,” the boy in the children’s book “What Luck!” I’m sure his lucky items will help him pick a baseball team.

Gently written by Anita Meyer Meinbach and David Meinbach, this book for children ages 4 to 8 illustrated by Nancy Simmons Seca.

It tells the story of a child’s ability to try, fail, and start over.

“What luck! “It was a lovely work and the product of a conversation my son David and I had as we remembered the days when he was a little boy waiting on the field for the ball to come his way,” said Mayer-Menbach.

“I’ve always been somewhat superstitious,” her son said. “I had the feeling that a certain shirt or a certain order of things would be ‘good luck.’ Conversely, I thought other items might bring ‘bad luck.’ When it comes to any endeavor, if something doesn’t go well, I often attribute it to something I was I’m wearing it or something I forgot to do.”

He grew up to be a doctor, and childhood memories make for an unforgettable book.

“Kenny discovers where the magic really lies when things don’t go as he planned. What a luck!” is a celebration of the human spirit—a tale that we hope will touch our readers,” Meyer-Menbach said.

Nancy Simmons Seka and Anita Mayer-Menbach (2)_fitted.jpeg
Children’s book illustrator Nancy Simmons Seca and author Anita Meyer-Menbach collaborated with David Menbach on “What Luck!” About a child’s determination to succeed.

Named Miami-Dade County Teacher of the Year 2003 and USA Today’s #1 Teacher Team in the USA, she is the author of more than ten books for teachers. Hope they help bring the joy of children’s literature into the classroom.

Her son and co-author David Minbach is a graduate of Northwestern University and University of Miami School of Medicine. He is now a urologist in Delray Beach.

Simmons Seca, award-winning art director and University of Florida alumnus has also illustrated another book for children during the pandemic called The Secret in the Clouds.

Written by Ron Sacks and Jay Webster-Sachs, this book deals sensitively with a child’s grief over the loss of a loved one to COVID-19. Aurelio Seca is also one of the painters. He and his wife, Simmons Seca, own Aurelio & Friends Advertising Inc.

“I recently got back to my first love and I was drawing children’s books,” Simmons Seca said. and ‘what luck! Beautifully written by my friend Anita.

Meyer Minbach is retired from the University of Miami’s Department of Teaching and Learning and is the director of Bridge Building – Hands Linking. She can be reached at www.buildingbridgesjoininghands.com and a.meinbach@miami.edu

To view and contact Simons Sica’s art, visit www.nancypaints.com Both books are available on Amazon.

2022 Bob Novak Music Awards (1) .jpg
Celebrating a win at the 25th Annual Bob Novak Music Awards, from left, Paul Novak, Alison Novak, Sidney Parker, Isabella Sanchez and O’Neil Rodriguez. Credit: 1308 Productions.

Music students receive awards

The 25th Bob Novak Music Awards, hosted by 1308 Productions, were presented to Isabella S. Sanchez and Sydney L. Parker.

O’Neill Rodriguez, Senior Music Educator Ruth K. Broad K-8: “These awards create a lot of inspiration among students throughout the year.” “All of our students are aware of the great support 1308 Productions gives to our programme. They positively reinforce our students in many ways.”

For 25 years, the Bob Novak Music Awards have been presented in memory of the late Bob Novak, a lifelong musician, conductor and music educator. He also sang with big bands famous across the United States including Glenn Miller’s band.

Novak’s son, Attorney Paul Novak, participated in the ceremony and spoke to the students about their success and unlimited potential. 1308 Productions was created by family members Jason Novack and Allison Novack to support music education, music scholarship awards, and live performances. More at www.1308productions.org

Symphony of Youth hosts a fundraising campaign

Gold Medal and Emmy Winner South Florida Youth Symphony will hold a fundraising gala in 1920 beginning at 6 p.m., October 29, at Miami Shores Country Club, 10,000 Biscayne Boulevard.

The event will build on the 58-year-old organization’s ongoing mission to empower young musicians.

The “First Lady of Miami Jazz” is set to be played by Wendy Pedersen and pianist Jim Gasor. Gassore has played and/or recorded with international artists.

Tickets are $125, and limited concert sponsorships are available. Purchases can be made at https://sfys.net/2022gala/ or by phone at 305-238-2729.

Garden Club season 98 starts

“Holiday Floral Extravaganza” is the theme for the upcoming Coral Gables Garden Club fundraiser at 10 a.m., November 4, Coral Gables Unitarian Congregational Church of Christ, 3010 Desoto Blvd. The event will feature the designs of florist Mr. Mario Fernandez of Belle Fleur.

Fernandez will share the art of floral design and festive arrangements. A pop-up shop, front desk, and bakery sale are planned, and you can start holiday shopping at the Church’s Fair Trade Marketplace.

“It’s a perfect way to start the festive season,” said event chairwoman Marilyn Risco.

The Historic Garden Club raises funds for conservation and environmental projects, Coral Gables city beautification projects, horticultural therapy for the elderly, and scholarships for college students and graduates studying in fields of the natural sciences.

“The money raised from this event will help plant the pollinator garden at Mahachi Camp, a local Girl Scout camp that serves the needs of Miami-Dade girls. It will be filled with native trees, shrubs, orchids, and native ferns,” said President Susan Rodriguez.

Tickets $50 at https://www.coralgablesgardenclub.org/event/holiday-floral/

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